Traveling to and Parking in Golden

Traveling to Golden?

Golden can be accessed by car, trail or rail. There are five major highways (I-70, Hwy 6, Hwy 58, Hwy 93 and C-470) that lead to Golden. No matter if you are coming from the East or West, North or South, Golden is conveniently located at the foothills of the Rockies just 20 minutes from downtown Denver. Map your route to Golden using Googlemaps.

Golden can also be accessed by trail via the Regional Clear Creek trail system or the C-470 Bikeway. Cyclists can also use designated bike routes on 32nd Avenue and 44th Avenue. Golden has a designated north-south light railbike route on Ford Street. Remember rules of the road apply to cyclists.

The West Rail Line (light rail service)

Visitors to Golden can travel from Denver (and soon DIA) to Golden via the West Rail Line or “W” line. The West Rail Line between Golden and Denver Union Station passes through 3 fare zones, so the price for a single, one way ticket between Golden and Denver is currently $4.00. (Express ticket price) Student and senior discounts are available.

Transfers are provided when requested. Transfers can be used between the light rail and bus service. If you travel from Denver to Golden on the light rail, a transfer will allow you to continue your journey into Golden via bus for no additional cost. The same applies if you start on a bus and transfer to the light rail. Bikes are also allowed on light rail.

Once you arrive in Golden on the “W” line, you can either walk, bike, ride or taxi to downtown Golden depending on the time or day of the week. You can walk or bike the 6th Avenue Trail or travel through town along Johnston Road to Ford Street. The total distance is about 2.5 miles and can take up to 1 hour.

Bike rentals are also available at local bike shops. For bike rental information check out our biking information page.

Or you can call RTD to request Call-in-Ride service or catch the Community Circulator Bus Monday through Saturday until 6 pm (see information below). Standard bus fares apply.

Finally, visitors can call Mountain Taxi at 303-333-8294 to reserve a ride for a fee.

Community Call-n-Ride Service and Circulator Bus

The Golden Community Call-in-Ride Bus service includes a call service us and circulator bus service with regular stops. One way bus fares, including the Community Call-n-Ride service or circulator bus, is $2.25. Discounts do apply. The community circulator bus works similar to regular bus service. The circulator bus makes scheduled stops along a designated loop through Golden every half hour. You can catch the bus at the regularly scheduled times at any of the following stops:

To schedule a ride on the Call-in-Ride service or to ask questions, call RTD at 303-519-9162. Please visit the RTD website to view the full Community Call-n-Ride Bus Schedule.

Travelers to Golden can access downtown Golden via the 16 or 16L “West Colfax” bus. Access the 16 bus schedule here. The Bus is a great alternative during evening or weekend hours when the Circulator bus is not in service.


Golden offers an abundant amount of FREE parking for visitors including free garage parking. Street parking is also free. Please note any residential parking restrictions around the Colorado School of Mines campus and downtown Golden. Free covered parking garages are located on Jackson Street between 11 and 13th Streets. View a map of parking options in Golden here. 

Biking and Hiking Trails Map

The City of Golden offers an extensive interconnected trail system of 24 miles, providing diversity in both types of trail experience and destinations. Regional trail connections provide a link to neighboring communities and open space. Download the ParksTrailsOpenSpaceBrochure with trail descriptions or find the nearest trail head here.

OpenSpace Map

Open space areas and corridors protect natural values and provide opportunities for trail and habitat connections. The City of Golden owns and maintains 402 acres of open space and is surrounded by nearly 5,000 acres of regional open space managed by Jefferson County Open Space. 

OpenSpace Map