Lunch is Golden’s specialty. Golden has several sandwich shops and popular dining spots with a great lunch menu including D’Deli, Abejas, Jolynn’s, and Louis’ Cafe, Also try Bob’s Atomic Burgers and the Sherpa House and Cultural Center.  Golden… the place to plan your next lunch date!


Located downtown, D’deli (named after the Dutch pronunciation of The Deli) is a Golden institution and routinely wins “best of” awards from all local media for its amazing sandwiches, which include unique Colorado subs made of cold cut elk and cold corned buffalo.

Abejas Modern Bistro

Located in Downtown Golden, Abejas (pronounced ah-bay-haus), is a community-focused restaurant dedicated to seasonality. They use fresh local produce, organic meats, and sustainable fish. The beverage program brings light to craft distilleries and breweries, small production wineries, and classic cocktails

The Sherpa House
& Cultural Center

The Sherpa House & Cultural Center in historic downtown Golden is unique, providing a wonderful blend of authentic Himalayan cuisine and culture. Try the Sherpa Stew, a mixture of vegetables, dumplings and spices combined with your choice of beef, lamb or yak meat. They also have lighter dishes and salads, all served in a re-creation of a house from Nepal. In summer, don’t miss their wonderful outdoor dining area. Ask for a Sherpa Beer. Brewed in Nepal, the beer was created and is partially owned by their local neighbor, Golden City Brewing.

The Table Mountain
Grill & Cantina

The Table Mountain Grill & Cantina in historic downtown Golden has beautiful Santa Fe décor, with a flower-covered outdoor deck overlooking South Table Mountain perfect for you next lunch selfie. Try the chicken tortilla soup, their famed breakfast burrito, or a buffalo burger with sweet potato fries. They also have an extensive list of local microbrews.

Bridgewater Grill

You can see White Ranch in the distance from the wonderful outdoor patio of the Bridgewater Grill. The patio is located along the banks of Clear Creek and offers a Colorado menu of High Plains buffalo short ribs, Rosa’s Green Chili, Colorado raised beef tenderloin, Smoked Colorado Trout Dip and Wild Game meatloaf. Or build up your calories for the ride back with homemade Peach Cobbler or Triple Chocolate Mouse Cake.

These are just a few examples of the many great places to grab lunch in Golden. We’ll see you soon!

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